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CardiacSense Watch

The Wristwatch Monitors Heart Conditions and Vital Signs The CardiacSense watch answers an urgent unmet need: self-monitoring of heart conditions and vital signs. A medical grade watch for continuous long-term monitoring Monitoring: Cuff-less hypertension and hypotension, lung disease, arrhythmias (A-Fib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia and Pause), sleep quality and stress level. Detecting: Early deterioration of chronic patients (COPD, CHF, Hypertension), sleep apnea. Preventing: Patients' deterioration, admissions and readmissions. User’s Mobile App
  • Medical conditions dashboard
  • Real-time data view and share
  • Create and share event reports
  • Annotations reporting
Patient monitoring portal
  • Remote medical condition monitoring
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Vital signs and ECG
  • Patient’s measurements history
  • Personalized patient thresholds
  • Personalized monitoring dashboard view
  • Connectivity to EMR/EHR and third party applications

Vaica Remote Patient Monitoring

Vaica is a Telemedicine Company positioned in the nexus of Remote Patient Monitoring Platform (RPM) coupled with Smart Medication Adherence IoT Devices for increasing patient engagement, persistence and well-being. SimpleMed+ Adherence Supporting Medication Dispenser Med Packaging Multi dose blister packs Medication tray MEDY RPM A customized remote patient monitoring and medication adherence solution Portal Patient management and monitoring platform Medy Bio A customized medication adherence monitoring solution Capsuled True data-driven patient support