Our team have worked internationally in healthcare and medical technology for over fifty years. We have extensive clinical, regulatory, product development, marketing, and IT software and platform experience. Which means we understand and can anticipate our customer needs as they transition through the current pandemic into a post covid era where digital health technologies will shape the future of healthcare.

Partnerships with our global network of innovators and manufacturers means we source and supply a cutting edge and first in class portfolio of products. Including UK Responsible Person Services for non-UK registered companies. We uniquely support the full spectrum of consumer and patient health needs from wellness and prevention therapies to chronic disease management and remote monitoring.

Our products are fully certified and compliant with the relevant standards and requirements of US, EU and UKCA medical regulatory authorities.

We are a trusted supply partner to governments, public and private healthcare hospitals and clinics, primary care organisations, the NHS and MedTech companies.

Priding ourselves on exceptional customer service and experience, our executive and customer success managers are committed to supporting your current and evolving requirements.

You can expect us to fulfil your needs with our fast and secure delivery options.

Our price promise means will be will always strive to offer you affordable product solutions but will never compromise on quality.